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Meet Our Team

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Dr. William Richardson

Dr. William J Richardson is a leading innovator in mental and behavioral health who is making a global impact during this complex moment in history. He is an alumnus of Mesa Community College, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University where he received his Doctorate in Educational Leadership. He uses his educational experience to complement his leadership style and approaches in business.

Dr. Will is gaining momentum as the founder and CEO of Olive Tree Real Estate and Elite Innovative Health Services where he continues to leverage his 25 + years’ experience in the field of mental and behavioral health. He is an educator, trendsetter and health philanthropist who created an integrated system comprising of housing so that clients at his center can receive their behavioral and psychiatric treatment. Thousands of clients have benefited from Dr. Will’s futuristic program which includes individual and family counseling. Dr. Will infuses his knowledge of nutrition and sports into his programs, highlighting the importance of a healthy body with a healthy mind.

He was featured in USA Today as a leader and first responder to Native American reservations, during the global COVID-19 crisis. His medical team’s efforts were highlighted after hundreds of families received tests and other life-saving resources. Dr. Will’s ambition continues as he is currently working on developing sustainable communities.

Chicago Mental and Life Wellness Institute

Elite Innovative Health Services

Elite Innovative Health Services

Jerald Gary

Jerald Gary is a proud product of 79th Street on Chicago's South Side. Prior to purchasing the Avalon Regal Theater at age 29, he created a private equity fund to separately invest in real estate, technology, and businesses in the surrounding community. Before that, Jerald held various roles in enterprise technology management at Chicago-based Electronic Knowledge Interchange and at Killerspin, where he focused on software-enabled optimization of business processes. Prior to, he developed, wrote and executed derivative trading strategies. He began his career as a Portfolio Manager at LaSalle Global Securities and Trust Services (a division of LaSalle Bank), where he managed the risk and administration of fixed income derivatives.  Jerald completed separate studies in Aviation and Finance at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and subsequently worked in then-Senator Barack Obama’s United States Senate office as an intern.

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