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an Epicenter for Black Entertainment  


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Welcome to the Avalon Regal Theater

The Avalon Regal Theater is developing a multi-phase investment in the historic South Shore and Avalon Park neighborhoods of Chicago’s South Side. The project will be developed around the juncture of 79th Street, Stony Island Avenue, South Chicago Avenue, and the Chicago Skyway- incorporating the Avalon Regal Theater District as the cornerstone of a larger Arts & Innovation Corridor.


The development phases include the re-opening of the Avalon Regal Theater as the epicenter for Black entertainment in America and the repurposing of neighborhood structures as support spaces for media and technology.

The project will revitalize the neighborhood through small business and workforce development. It will also strengthen existing cultural organizations through capacity-building programs in partnership with the community.



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Our History

The Avalon Regal Theatre stands as a vibrant live performance arts  entertainment in the South Shore community.


This historical and architecturally significant landmark Theater was designed in 1927 by architect, John Eberson opening as a 2,300 seat auditorium showcasing vaudeville acts and movies.


The atmospheric style of the then named Avalon Theater, drew inspiration from the mystical allure of "A Night at the Bazaar" and the captivating essence of a Persian incense burner. Within this theatrical haven, the ceiling unfolded as a masterpiece, skillfully simulating the enchanting expanse of a flying-carpet night sky. Above, a celestial canvas emerged, where the interplay of shadows and light wove a narrative of its own. The gemstones embedded in the ceiling became celestial actors, glistening and moving with a mesmerizing choreography, as if mirroring the dance of stars. This immersive experience transported the audience beyond the confines of the ordinary, offering a glimpse into a world where the boundaries between reality and fantasy seamlessly dissolved. In the embrace of this atmospheric marvel, every spectator became a willing participant in a theatrical journey that transcended the stage, inviting them to be enveloped in the magic of the moment. The Moorish design elements include 2000+ hand crafted, hand-painted terra cotta tile and a grand gilded lobby.


Over the course of thirty years, the theater’s name and ownership changed now officially named, the Avalon Regal Theater. This theater is the jewel of the south side and an anchor along the 79th Street corridor in South Shore.


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