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Re-imagining the Regal as a Catalyst for Community Building


The Avalon Regal Theater will be resurrected as the largest venue in the United States dedicated to celebrating African-American contributions to the performing arts. The facility will anchor the Avalon Regal Theater (ART) District, serving as a focal point in the revitalization of Chicago’s entire South Side.

In addition to showcasing African-American talent, the ART District's goal is to create opportunity and to educate and empower the community, particularly it's aspiring youth.  Our initial development phase centers on breathing new life into Chicago’s Landmark Avalon Regal Theater.

The second phase of development involves the adaptive repurposing of a nearby facility into a performing arts and technology makerspace.

The third phase of development will include a museum dedicated to Black Music and other commercial spaces dedicated to performing arts, technology, and retail. The ART District will add significantly to the concentration of cultural programming and facilities available on the South Side, solidifying its role as an international tourist destination.

Future development phases will focus on small business, housing, and other commercial opportunities. With the ART District at its nucleus, a larger Arts & Innovation Corridor will expand future commerce and workforce skills training by encouraging media and technology entrepreneurship in the community.

Partnerships with other organizations will be incorporated to facilitate job creation and training for neighborhood residents throughout all project phases.

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